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Our state-of-the-art facility is climate controlled with a variety of lodging options, including family pens, indoor/outdoor runs, and a large outdoor exercise yard.

We have lodging designed specifically for cats, and can care for most any type of pet. Holidays and school vacations require early notification.

All guests must be current with their vaccines. Make sure to tell your vet that your pet is boarding or doing day care. Not all of the required vaccines are given automatically by your vet. We ask that all vaccines be faxed or mailed prior to boarding.

Please take some time to review our vaccination requirements:

Dogs: Rabies, Parvo/Distemper and Canine Cough. Due to the increase in canine cough, we require your dog to be vaccinated for canine cough within 7-10 day of lodging if this is a new vaccine for your pet. If your dog just needs a booster, we do recommend having one if the expiration date is close to the boarding date. We highly recommend the Canine Influenza Vaccine.

Cats: Rabies, Distemper/Combo.

Please remember, dogs and cats, like humans, can be vaccinated and still get sick. For example, having the Bordatella vaccine does NOT fully immunize your dog against canine cough. Like the flu, it helps to prevent it, but is not 100%.

Your vet can fax us the paperwork, at (508) 255-4653

Overnight Lodging – Dogs

Our amazing staff strives to provide all guests with personalized loving care. All overnight guests have their own individual indoor/outdoor rooms with comfortable bedding, up to three meals per day, and time to exercise in our large outdoor play yard with one of our attentive staff, and of course plenty of cuddles!

Overnight Lodging – Cats

Feline guests will love our separate cat accommodations in our newly renovated cat room. The individual cat condos with lots of hiding places are located away from the canine distractions so your cat will enjoy the tranquillity that they desire. All kitties have window views and a daily time to engage and play with the numerous cat activities! Scratches behind the ears are included!


We provide daycare Monday through Saturday for the times when a short stay from home is needed. The dogs can socialize through the fences, keeping them safe and uninjured, while still entertaining them. We offer one on one playtime sessions with your dog and one of our staff for those dogs that need individual attention. Our goal is to leave them happy and tired for you at the end of the day!


All cats and dogs must have proof of current vaccinations before lodging occurs.

Lodging: $28 per day per dog; $18 per day per cat
Individual Playtime: $7 per 15 minute session per dog
Daycare: $20 per day per pet

For more information about lodging or vaccinations, or to schedule your pet’s stay with us, please call Lake Farm Kennels at 508-255-7214.