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Lake Farm Kennels wants your pet to look their best. That is why we keep the Cape’s most experienced professional dog and cat groomers on staff at all times. Our grooming experts have years of hands-on knowledge of almost every breed of cat and dog, and can apply their skills to give your pet a healthy look you’ll love.

The services we offer range from a bath with a brush and blow dry, to a comprehensive grooming; complete with trimming, nail clipping and flea/tick shampoos (if requested). Our soothing baths include: shampooing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and complete comb-outs.

You see, each breed and temperament requires unique attention. From Pomeranians to Pit Bulls, Persian Hairless cats to loveable tabbies, Lake Farm Kennels knows the proper steps to take for the easiest experience, and when to take them. For this type of knowledge, and appropriate treatment, we do price accordingly, but we focus on pet care first and above all else.

Our Kennel has been working on the Cape for more than 35 years, and take pride in giving your pet the high quality treatment it deserves.

Cape Cod Dog Services

  • Haircuts to owner and breed specifications
  • Bathing *
  • Ear cleaning
  • Full drying and brushing
  • De-matting and clipping
  • Fleas and tick control shampoo
  • Oatmeal/Tea Tree Medicated Shampoo
  • Nail trimming and filing

Treat your dog to a luxurious bath. Our special soap free cleansing baths will remove dirt debris and that doggie pet odor. Your pet will feel fresh and revitalized!

Itching a problem? Our medicated baths contain soothing oatmeal, aloe and tea tree that helps stop the annoying scratching.

Prices for baths and haircuts vary depending on the size, type, condition and specific services requested. Please call us at 508-255-7214 for an estimate or to book an appointment.

Cape Cod Cat Services

Cats spend much of their time keeping them clean and groomed – but sometimes even they benefit from a professional grooming session! We offer many services!

  • Nail trimming and filing
  • Lion clips
  • Bathing and ear cleaning
  • Full drying and brushing
  • Flea and tick control
  • Sanitary clippings


All cats and dogs must have proof of current vaccinations before grooming occurs.

Nail Trimming: $10 per dog; $10 per cat
Grooming: $60 minimum charge per dog; $55 minimum charge per cat

For more information about our grooming services, or to schedule a grooming appointment with us, please call Lake Farm Kennels at 508-255-7214.